Paris Gardens of Secret Delights by Zahid Sardar

Paris Gardens of Secret Delights celebrates the gardens of inspired by André Le Notre from the Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, to Courances.  Also discover the Paris Gardens of celebrated artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and art aficionado Pierre Bergé, architect Kenzo Takada’s Japanese retreat in the Bastille, Australian couturier Martin Grant’s tiny terrace in the Marais, and American architect Michael Herrman’s homage to Le Corbusier’s surreal Champs Élysées garden for bon vivant Charles de Beistegui.

Modern landscape architects Louis Benech, Gilles Clement, Pascal Cribier, Christian Fournet, Camille Muller, Hugues Peuvergne, and Pierre-Alexandre Risser are also featured, representing a new era of asymmetry and color in the Paris Gardens.

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