Rêve de la Reine Eau de Parfum

While she was writing her book, "A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer," Elisabeth de Feydeau found in her archives the perfumer's form and the orders the Queen made to him.

"Sir, she finally said to him, I'm expecting you to put Trianon in a flask. I love this place so much that I want to bring it with me everywhere I go.”

A task Elisabeth took as inspiration for her premier fragrance Rêve de la Reine (Dream of the Queen). A modern scent inspired by an opulent past. 

Top notes: bergamot orange, petitgrain, mandarin, raspberry leaves.
Heart notes: rose of May (essence and absolute), iris. 
Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, benjoin, Tonka bean, musk.

The Eau de Parfum is contained in a bubble made of gold lacquered glass, reminiscent of the gilded salons of the Queen’s Versailles’ apartments and crowned with a pear-shaped nozzle, to bring refinement to the perfume gesture.

A small notebook is slid into each box, in which Elisabeth de Feydeau tells the perfume's story at Marie Antoinette’s time.

Rêve de la Reine
100 ml. Eau de Parfum 

Bring the scent of  Rêve de la Reine into your home with the Le Rêve de la Reine Candle.  Explore the entire Arty Fragrance Candle Collection by Elisabeth de Feydeau here.

Elisabeth de Feydeau, creator of Rêve de la Reine, is the author of "A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette's Perfumer."

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